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Memorial Day & Labor Day Trail Ride Flier

Little Valley Riders Club - Labor Day August 29-Sept 1st  cut off date Aug.15 2014

Little Valley Riders Clubhouse 5397 Rt. 353 Little Valley, NY 14755

What we are offering? for Labor Day Trail Ride

Saturday and Sunday - Breakfast, Lunch, Ride, Dinner & Dance

Limited electric Sites - $25 per night

Pre-registration- cut off date is August 15(this will be strictly observed.) (Those not pre-registered will be charged the higher cost) All pre-registration must include a $20.00 payment per person. !!!!!!SORRY NO CREDIT CARDS!!!

Plan one: Includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday                                                                                                      

  Adults (17 and older) $70.00  ($90.00 after cut off date)        

              Kids (7-16) $40.00      Children 6 and under free

Plan two: Includes Saturday OR Sunday                          

Adults (17 and older) $35.00  ($45.00 after cut off date) Kids (7-16) $20.00      Children 6 and under free

Plan Three: Family plan - includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday                                                                       

Whos included?   2 Adults and 2 Children (under 16yrs of age) must be related                                                             $195.00  ($225.00 after cut off date)

              Additional Children $25.00 each.

Dance-included with camping      Friends not camping or Public $5.00

Saturday or Sunday Ride and Lunch:$20.00 per adult/$15.00 per Kids (7-16)

Saturday or Sunday Dinner and Dance: $20.00 per adult/$15.00 per kids (7-16) 

Saturday or Sunday Breakfast $10.00 per adult/$5.00 kids (7-16)

We are offering these plans only. These plans will not be seperated. 


Rules and legal Stuff: 

- All dogs must be leashed and under control. Dogs are NOT allowed on Trail rides.

- Limited Fire rings are available for $5.00 a weekend. Please do not put tin cans, tin foil, glass or boards with nails or spikes in fires.

- Pens should be limited to 20x20. 

- Everyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

- The Little Valley Riders Club assumes no responsibility for any accidents to horses, riders, spectators or personal property

 Send reservations by cut off dates to:   






 NOTE: All reservations must have a $20.00 deposit per person. 

 I have read the information and understand by participation in this event, I acknowledge all inherent risks associated with horse and trail riding. 

Signature:                                                                                 Date                                                         



City, State, Zip                                                                                                                                            

Names                        Plan#                             Adult               7-16 yrs            6 & under        $ Due





Total Cost:                                                                                                                                                       Amount paid:                                                                                                                                                   Amount Due:                                            





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