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Extreme Cowboy Results  June 7th 2014

What a beautiful day we had for our Extreme Cowboy Race on June 7th. We had many new faces and all my reliable faces that have made our extreme cowboy what it is today. Thank you for all your support and hope you keep coming back. A special Thank you to my Judges Pam and Katherine Zygaj and Dan. I would also like to thank my Husband Rick and Richard Kozlowski for making obstacles and the Lunch crew So many to list. Thank you Thank You!!!!! 

list of riders: Courtney Eberle, Tina Wolcott, Dayton Walcott, Cheri Stady, Natalie Philp, Kayla Streit,Stephanie Kron, Kori Eaker,Cherl Philp, Lori Swanson, Preston Swanson, Audrey Dombrowski, Annette Dombrowski, Patrick Toor.

We had 10 Riders in our Open Division

1st place Courtney Eberle on Sam

2nd Place Cheri Stady on Classic

3rd Place Tina Wolcott on C-Star

We had 4 Youth Riders

1st Place Dayton Wolcot on Babydoll

2nd Place Patrick Toor On Ally

3rd Place Natalie Philp on Magic

We had 9 riders in Intermediate 17 and older

1st place Courtney Eberle on Sam

2nd Place Tina Wolcott on Ceslie

3rd Place Courtney Eberle on Lady


Hope to see you at the next one July 20th

9:00 pm Registration and 10:00 start

This one will be on trail with Obstacles along the way.

$25 includes lunch

3 divisions

Open all ages

Intermediate 25 and older

Youth 16 and under

Walk Trot all ages 1st trail ride





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